Be Pro-Active with Your Assets !

Maximize ROI on your non-performing notes NOW.

Delinquent Note Resolution has created a business to business model and “Portal” to expedite scalable Hardest Hit Fund capital recovery for NPL investors, loan servicers and their delinquent homeowners before loan modifications or foreclosure sales.  Servicers and investors agree on the best HHF outcome before the file is submitted.  DNR’s model helps servicers and NPL investors identify the “best” foreclosure prevention programs for delinquent homeowners with the best chance of successful outcomes. DNR’s proprietary Hardest Hit Fund Capital Recovery Portal improves the quality of the files submitted to HHF teams by reviewing the NPL’s prior to a full HHF package being submitted. DNR’s management team is well known and has vast experience in the Hardest Hit Fund areas. 

Our proprietary portal and exclusive CounselorDirect® software (CD) enables us to fast track files and monitor every step of the process. DNR’s business-to-business CD system will improve the speed and quality of the cooperative homeowners’ HHF results.

DNR fast tracks files to the best housing counselors and completed files are ported directly to delegated state underwriting teams ready to work the files. DNR assigns and oversees the counseling process; is involved in workout solutions; and works closely with servicers and NPL holders. We successfully navigate the bottleneck of the existing HHF system by monitoring the underwriting process, managing and coordinating all third parties, and providing reporting on files per contract details. No more wondering where your files are in the HHF process and why your client just submitted their paperwork for the 4th time. We offer options!

The Steps to Activate DNR's HHF Portal

Step 1: Data Analysis


Compliant data transfer to our proprietary portal enables our technology to filter high value notes for HHF applications, possible outreach and state submission.

Step 2: Portal Initiation

Large business team isolated over a white background

Start with 10, 25, 50 or more high value HHF targets. Agreement executed. Homeowner outreach initiated. Applications uploaded to portal.

Step 3: Portal Activation


Service level identified. Scale according to portfolio requirements. Submit applications. Monitor Process. Fund HHF deals.